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Originally Posted by Davezilla View Post
Lol... Reminds me of when I was working on military aircraft.. order a tiny gasket or nut and it's in a 12"x12" box, inside that box is a ton of foam then another 6"x6" box, inside... yup... more foam... Then inside that box a 2x2" box... then What?!!?? no foam??? ... they substituted the foam for that brown wrapping paper, wrapped up in the paper is a small plastic bag with... you guessed it... 1 1/4" nut with 10/32 threads... no silver plating, no hi temp coating, just a plain old gold irridate coated nut.... Just imagine if ya had to order 100 of them to get an engine assembled...
LOL, ayup

Originally Posted by Flyman View Post
Dan what did you buy?I missed it some where?


The X2 mill, Fly.

also got a mill vice and a set of collets for it. The setup/teardown to switch between mill and lathe on my 3-in-one was just to (too?) time consuming. Did that more than make chips. no LOL,
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