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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by redneck82 View Post
went with the 3L soda bottle idea yesterday... was all of 4F when i left the house at bout 3pm... wind gusts between 25-30mph... made the 5 mile trip over to home depot for a job interview, and could still feel my fingers when i got there!
was supposed to take a 26m road trip (one way) today, but when it was still only 0F at noon, i decided i'd wait till tomorrow when it's supposed to be at least in the 20's... (snow showers)

Any pictures? sounds awesome.

Originally Posted by Southgate Jonny View Post
I popped a big ol' wheelie. (apparently my engine's finally broken in.)
LOL, all right! Giggity
worst apocalypse ever
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