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Default Re: Hey, new guy here. Planning builds for 8 bikes on MTB frames. Recommend some pa

Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
So long as all 8 people can pedal start a 2-stroke and work a clutch you save about $20 each bike going 2-stroke since 4-stroke 7G kits are only $200.
So with the $20 they save on the kits they can buy pull starters for $15.. Still $5 ahead.... Then another $20 to 25 for a cantrifugal clutch and no more pedaling or popping the clutch...

Most 2 stroke kits cost around $139 (give or take a few either way)
Add 15 for pull start... $154
Add 30 for centrfugal clutch... $184

Still cheaper,faster, and louder going 2 smoke...

Sorry but I had to... I've spent a lot more than 200 on mine... and most of that's in the engine... Add another $60 for the fred head, $30 or so on copper gaskets, $15 for a pull starter, $25 for a centrifugal clutch, $35 for a KTM pipe, just to tear up and weld back so it fits, and $Who knows how much on other carbs, reed valves, and let's not even mention the extra tools I bought just for this hobby...
Ok, I guess I see your point now...

I just prefer 2 smokers myself...
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