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Default Re: Curious about the engine, :question:

Originally Posted by curtisfox View Post
Thanks map i have never owned one but this sounds intresting and may order one. I sorta 4 stroke man..................Curt
They may be good engine and they may be a big crap shoot... but the price is right to check one out I think just to curb my curiosity, someone is gona have to get one and see what its all about to know for sure, we know they're out there but so far no one here has rang in and said oh yeah I have that engine and its great or oh no I have or had one and it was junk... I just like to know what all my options are.

I know for a fact that the engines that Neil Senior/ motorbicycleracing sells and the engines that Dax sells are top notch and honestly there mau not be any of the rest of them that really hold a candle to them, I know Fred Chelminski speaks highly of the MBR and DAX engines and I have four of them myself, one of them has developed to much end play in the crank after I ran it klike I was trying to blow it up, so I need to go into it and figure out what has happend but as far as being smother than all the other I've had they are and they produce good power with some basic mods.

Well if you do order one Curtis and beat me to the punch be sure and keep me posted on what the quality lokes like.

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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