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Default Re: Hey, new guy here. Planning builds for 8 bikes on MTB frames. Recommend some pa

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
Ive worked on both throughout my life, and hands down these little 2 smokers are one of the simplest engines I have ever fooled with, super simple and with a few mods like we have mentioned thay can be very reliable, I have several thousand miles on my bike combined and most of what I do to them is just tinkering, I have run a couple like i was trying to hurt them and I did, I have run a couple like I wanted to kill them and I cant...LOL!

getting a good engine that has good internals and fairly good balance is an important thing, the foundation has to be good or all the rest dont matter much just like anything else in life.

The engines thatsdax sells are very good ones, good cranks, good bearings and good gaskets other than the intake gasket which I always make my own.

I know there are other engine sellers out there that may have engines that are very good platforms also, but lately the dax engines have ben the overall best I have had.


Ok thanks,

yeah i have two motors coming from amazon right now. They are flying horse 66/80cc from bikeberry. Would you recommend canceling those and ordering from dax then?
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