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Default Re: Hey, new guy here. Planning builds for 8 bikes on MTB frames. Recommend some pa

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
I agree KC,

If he has the funds to invest the most reliable option is gonna be the 4 Stroke set up.

I don't use them so it never even crossed my mind, I always have the 2 smokers on my mind.

another advantage like you mentioned KC is the part of being able to run straight gasoline and not needing to worry about 2 cycle oil, in a survival type situation that could be a deal breaker if you could find any oil.

If at least regular motor oil could be found you could premix with it and get by, but the enemy would see and smell you coming from a long way off...LOL...!!! Sorry DirtyNails I couldn't help putting this in here..

LOL! Well dont worry I am not one of those zombie apocalypse dudes. We have vehicles at the cabin that would be much better than motorized bicycles. I just want to be able to get us there through clogged streets.

I totally hear you on the 4 stroke thing and its something i really thought hard about. My problem with it is they are more expensive which on one bike isnt a big deal but on 8 it adds up and I can work on a two stroke with a blindfold and 1 arm tied behind my back. Am I just being stubborn? I know there isnt a huge difference between them i just grew up working on the stinky dirty guys and I love them.

Edit: If you were going to pick a 4 stroke kit which one would you pick? I dont know much about them.

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