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Default Re: little bit of help if anyone can spare it

Just my two-cents: I'm on Long Island, and after a very wet and just-above-freezing Christmas/New Year's week, I was unpleasantly re-surprised by the effects of freezing-weather on cable-actuation. I made a concerted effort this Spring to adequately water-proof my ride after too many magneto-coils failing through moisture. Between proper fendering and thoughtful plasti-dipping, I now have an engine I could probably ride across the Hudson River under-water with the right snorkel. What I FORGOT from last winter is that if even a LITTLE moisture gets into a cable-sheath, it can act like solder to the cable when frozen. Do what CRASIUS says. I spent an unpleasant and unexpected VERY CHILLY hour yesterday replacing my clutch-cable and hair-dryering-and-oiling my throttle-cable. This was made worse by the fact that some really evil strain of flu-virus is making its way through the US East-Coast, and I'm just getting over the worst of it. Be proactive: oil ALL your cables pre-install. Monday Morning Quarterback: "Don't force your throttle if it's below freezing!".
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