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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

I think trail riding might be OK about now, drying out some from rain in CA.

Temp went up 10F so today at 60F and was nice.

I got to putting some of bike back after solving engine problem with valves gap set now to spec and proper W30 engine oil, new condenser and points, plug, it is ready.

I got a new pulley for a belt that was wearing out. I also noticed a cover from my DIY design had been pressing and vibrating where it put a shallow wear spot about the size of a finger nail maybe 16th". I will use shim washers and be sure it does not continue as it is the crankcase cover that the white metal (soft) I saw the spot.

The cover is definitely needed though as a 10 inch diameter spoke pulley that turns from 700 to 1200 rpm is other wise near my leg and I won't be allowing that!

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