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Default Re: first build. so damn optimistic

Originally Posted by mr42ndstblvd View Post
it looks like your running fenders my only advise is to make sure thoose things are mounted solidly! if you have to have them and plan to ride everyday a good buddy who got me started on motorized bikes got thrown off his bike and broke his wrist because he left his fenders on his bike and the bolt fell out and the fender wedge into the tire and it flipped the bike over. so keep thoose checked! also after about the first month check your head nuts get the appropriate socket and check them if there loose give them a few turns till there snug but not to much or they will snap after about a month on a new build the nuts back off a little and you might get air leaking out thru your head it will make a loud popping noise when started
I agree but only 2 words come to mind here... Torque Wrench...

And you can get them cheap enough at Harbor Freight so you can be sure all your bolts are tightened evenly and not too tight or too loose.

For the fender situation, I fully agree, check them often if ya plan on keeping them. A little blue locktite won't hurt either. These things will hurt you if not checked often, not only the torque, but the condition of the bolts as the engine vibes can saw thru the bolts if left unchecked so inspect the bolts themselves about once every 10 hours of run time.
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