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Default Re: Dual Carbs?

I want to add a little to the dual plug thing it is not for redundancy it was necessary because of the dia of the cylinder to get the fuel mix to light off properly. On aircraft engines you test the mags. before take off and will see a rpm drop of about 75rpm you do this by shutting off one mag then the other.
Now we have 2 10 cylinder 2000hp 2-strokes turbo charged engines 310rpm wide open that have dual ignition that isn't for the safety factor for flying its because of the 14" dia of the cylinder then the ignition fires the flame front can't travel fast enough to light off the fuel mix so it gets lit at two different spots to get a complete combustion and no knock which if a plug does misfire you can hear it outside of the building as a huge bang and if your inside the building say standing on the engine catwalk you will almost poo your pants it will scare ya big time.
Now there is a lot of pilots who think that you need dual ignition for flying with the old mags that can be true it cost tons of money to change things on aircraft due to the hoops you have to jump through to get something done. The modern electronic ignition on autos is almost fool proof and I've read where the home builts are and have been running electronic ignitions for years and I have one on my airplane that's been flying for 25 years 1 mag and one electronic ignition why? I too thought it needed dual ignition at the time but guess what the electronic failed once and the mag hasn't yet.
I can't tell the difference when going from the mag to the electronic so the dual wasn't necessary for the combustion thing just for peace of mind and lighting my pocket of about $350.00 back in 1982
So do we need dual ignition on one of these bike engines I'd have to say na.

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