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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

did the electrical tape and started loctite today.
wanted to use heat-shrink tubing but lowes wanted too much money for it, wanted to do some liquid gasket but lowes didn't have any.
got a big-ol tube-a-grease though.
Lowe's is a complete ripoff. I broke a back motor mount bolt right in front of a Lowe's. After getting "screwed" I've never been back and travel the extra 3 miles to Home Depot or even further to an ACE. I used to have an ACE a mile away, bought nuts and bolts from there for years. The opening of the Lowe's so close to them forced them to close. At least they haven't totally gone.
I've never noticed Lowe's being worse than other stores. When we go shopping in town, there's a Lowes, Menards, and Farm & Fleet within a mile of each other - Lowes and Menards on the same block. Menards is the cheapest, but the store's layout sucks, it is hard to find a sales assistant, and the quality of their products, especially lumber, is so bad I almost never go there.

You never know what you're getting when buying hardware nowdays. Thanks, China. When possible, I put out the extra money for Grade 8, although it often doesn't have a pretty finish on it.

I like using shrink wrap on any wiring job, too. Harbor Freight has it cheap. But Plasti-Dip works great if you don't mind the trouble of brushing it on (or dipping) and waiting for it to dry. Dries fast- and is the best seal you can get on a wire job. Also, you have to have enough room (and remember!) to put the shrink wrap on the wire BEFORE soldering! Not a problem with plasti-dip.
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