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Default Re: 50cc GY6 on a Bicycle??

Tomorrow I'll measure my 150cc GY6 and see what it is Dan, the 50cc is narrower but I don't know how much.

As far as gear ratio is concerned, I really dont think that would be hard to get done, I think I would probably use a heavy duty 20" BMX wheel on the rear and a high strength bmx tire and tube and then go with a 24" front wheel, the 20" on the back should be easy to gear for being that it's not much larger in dia than the 13" wheels that are on many of the scooters like mine and some of them actually have 16" wheels on them, normally the output shaft direct drives the rear wheel so I'm gonna say very little reduction will be needed.

I could be wrong but since the scooter wheels aren't that much different in dia than a 20" bicycle wheel, if this size wheel was used and the fact that a bicycle weighs so much less, even a slightly higher ratio than the scooters have would possibly work OK on a bike.

Like I said I could be wrong but this is my thinking right off the top of my head.
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