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Default Re: Reasons for riding Motorized Bicycle

Originally Posted by Otero View Post
Wow, bummer about the hips & lungs. No idea what drugs they've got you on,
but there's a fairly inexpensive herbal tea might give you some time,Chain,
if your doctor will clear it with what your taking. If Hack's not on Wafrin, it could
help him too. It's called Jaiogulan and good for the immune system, BP, & cardio.
Doesn't taste too bad. I've grown to like it. It also balances metabolism. My
circulatory system is so much better. In that respect, it's also good for type 2
I'm actually on Methotrexate (anti-cancer chemo medication) - for immune system moderation/suppression. My additional health issues are related to being immuno-compromised through a rare disease syndrome. The hip issues were an indirect consequence of this syndrome - use of steroids brought about necrosis of the hip joints.

In short - anything that actually boosts the immune system, is counter-productive to my particular issues.

Real fun, having a 1 in a million, rare disease process/syndrome. I just wish that i was as half as lucky, in buying a ticket in the lottery.

Chainreaction might well benefit from such an alternative, holistic treatment approach with cancers.

As long as we are healthy enough to keep doing what we wish to do, including working on/playing with MAB's .. it's all good. In the end, life is a terminal disease with no guarantees - just try to keep enjoying the good things in your journey, while you can!
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