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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Manic, your like the Professor on Gilligan's island. To make a MB, ya just need an empty box of wheaties, a coconut and a 3 wheeled shopping cart.

Truly, the master of repurposing. Those (of us) about to ride, salute you. (sing to AC/DC song or gladiator reference? snork)

Hehe, now that dumb song is stuck in my head; (I know I keep reposting this but always cracks me up)

"Bud Light presents, Real Men of genius. Motor-bike style. (Chorus;real men of genius)
Today we salute you, Mr. weed-whacker, motor-bike builder.
(Mr. weed-whacker, motor-bike builder)
Any one can buy a cheap imported scooter. But only you take a yard tool, a bicycle and a socket set to new heights.
(we owe China lots of money)
For the man who has every thing. Every thing except a passenger seat"
(his friends have cars)
All with out a helmet.
((Female chorus))Gonna scramble your eggs)
So crack open a Bud light Mr. Mystro of the weed-whacker powered motor-bike. We'd sing your praises. But you don't have a muffler and can't hear us.
(Mr Weed-Whacker, Motor-bike Builder)

Anheuser-Bush, Saint Louis Mo"
worst apocalypse ever

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