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Default Re: Reasons for riding Motorized Bicycle

I grew up kinda poor and kept an eye on the local trash dumpsters I could ride a bike to, one of the too few kindnesses my stepfather did was make a trailer for my bicycle. So I brought a lot of scrap stuff home including discarded bikes. Eventually I had quite the bicycle junkyard and was the neghborhood bike mechanic. If only my stepfather would have allowed me access to his welder and other tools.

Then I turned 14, got my drivers license, started working and left home when I turned 16, turned into a real mechanic. Legally emancipated at 16 and married young it was game on and lots of mistakes.

Now at 50 I have cancer that has got into my lungs, odds say I have a couple years at best to live. But luckily I had the foresight to build a little shop in the garage over the last few years. So I have something to piddle away at, something that will give me freedom and a way to smell the roses that I used to roar by.

Otherwise i'd have nothing to do besides sit in front of the TV and wait on the grim reaper. I love tinkering and making mechanical stuff, these MB's may actually extend my life.

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