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Default Re: Dual Suspension 'Roo'

That is a great pipe. Freind of mine had the same one. Not sure where one can find one ATM?

He ran that pipe with a 21mm carby and a custom intake just long enough to put weight to the air. Can't remmeber mebbe 2 inches? The bottom end hand great torque. Jumped right off the line!

At the time I had my home made full sus Morini bike with gears and it's 5.8hp carby set up. I out weighed him by about 100 pounds +. He was getting me off the start but I coulds still leave him.

The single speed Full Sus bike I got now instead. Morini engine at 10+hp.. Off the line I am gone gone no chance at all.

If I were running another china motor. I would have no problem about using that pipe! It's A Great Pipe!

I am a sucker for a full sus bike. Really makes for a better ride over any thing else. IME.

I with you on the legthening and the BMX bars Animatronicus. Just because I am pretty tall. I still love this bike tho!!

Welcome to the forum Animatronicus
Still gotta have a since of humor.
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