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Default Re: 50cc GY6 on a Bicycle??

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
I let myself (so my fault) get talked out of building with one when looking for a next project. CB and Map, if'n you 2 like them, wow, am gonna get one next round.
Dan, one of my younger brothers had a 50cc and he tried to tare it up the way he road it and it never missed a beat, it finally got hard to start and then finally wouldn't start at all after no telling how many very hard miles, he parked it for a while thinking maybe he had killed it, I ask if he'd let me tinker with it a bit and he agreed, I changed CDI, spark plug, checked carb for any noticeable issues, even ran a compression test and all seemed to be perfect, even checked stator thinking something could be wrong there.

Finally it dawned on me to pull the tappet cover and check valve clearance...Bingo...! thats all the little gal needed was a simple adjustment, I set the valves to spec and she busted right off and ran like a brand new scooter... the little 50cc wouldn't do but 38-39mph on the flat, but it was smooth as silk and plenty peppy up to top speed, I'll bet one of the 50cc engines with an 80cc top end kit would be a fun set up on the scooter or on a bike build for sure.
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