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Default Re: Reasons for riding Motorized Bicycle

Multiple reasons .. more than i can fully comment on, really.

#1 - I'm a motor-head, pure and simple. 2 or 3 wheels .. love tinkering with them. 4 wheels? Meh, that is for getting me to work and back so that i can continue to afford toys, so the dealership takes care of that.

#2 - My first love is for motorcycles in general, vintage or modern - higher powered and off-beat design (own customizing), the better. I still have my last street ride in storage, but reason #4 for MAB's, has taken care of that for now.

#3 - Always liked small displacement motorcycles. My first street licence-able ride in the mid-80's was a Honda C65 Cub, two years older than i was. My garage currently holds several Honda small displacement motorcycles - an early 80's C70 Passport, and a well-modded and over-engined mid-70's CT70 Mini-trail. I had put together a McGyver'ed motor-bicycle in the early-90's from a trashed/well-trashed Bianchi Aquilito, and i was hooked then.

#4 - Health. I can't really pedal a bicycle all that well anymore with double hip-replacements that didn't go as planned with recovery, going a few years back now. Other health issues mean that i don't have the stamina to venture out on a bicycle under my own power. For myself, 'motor assist' means just that. I don't really need to go warp-speed on a motorized bicycle - I just need to be able to enjoy the scenery going by, rather than suffering through it in pedaling through, in less than straight and level conditions.

#5 - A relatively cheap mechanical hobby - can't get much cheaper in spinning wrenches and flinging metal shavings in the garage, on the hobby level. I enjoy the relatively mindless activity of wrenching, as much as i do riding what results in 'project time'.
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