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Originally Posted by silverbear View Post
Welcome to the forum, Rick. You made a comment about the civility of this forum and I concur. Our moderators do a great unpaid service to the rest of us. Our fearless leader Paul has set the tone here and we have some truly fine members who are willing to share, advise and encourage others. I look forward to your build threads. We do like pictures.
Thanks to you and all who have made me feel welcome here. I've followed your threads sir and they are woven into some magical builds! Eclectic, a word I favor for my own interests in many and varied objects and passions, and I would, with respect ,apply to your wheeled and motorized creations...which I greatly admire.
I'm curious as to where one might start a thread concerning a 1941 Simplex motorscooter which has come into my care. It is quite incomplete, missing both motor and drive train as well as fuel tank and seat. I'm told by actual authorities of the marque, that an accurate restoration to original would be cost prohibative as there are twice as many frames available as there are motor/drivetrains. I wouldn't mod a real candidate for restoration (my choice, not a judgement on what others would do)...I am going to modify this frame and in the process covert it to pedal power. That is the reason for my inquiry into a build site location on this forum.
I've owned various Cushman, Mustang and Whizzer bikes but never a Simplex...until now. Each of these fine old scooters/bikes charm me though all were limited in design by cost considerations. Of the four the Mustang stands out in areas of power (up to 12.5hp 4-cycle) drive train (3 &4 speed optional, with chain primary and secondary drive) suspension (modern active front forks & rear suspension.. optional) It's shortcomings wheels & tires (bigger than the Cushman and much smaller than the Whizzer and Simplex) and more costly than its rivals.

My proposed mod is a 1941 Simplex springer frame, 14hp, 5speed, 4cycle, chain driven, pedal bike conversion and weighing under 150lbs.. Where to put the thread? I like the clean Simplex Sportsman look and I'm also a fan of the Boardie Sportsman look of Sportscar Pat's builds...mixed with my own unique tweaks of the various bits and pieces, $$$ plus a few months labor...the result a simply/complex Simplex resto/mod -motorized peddlebike!

Insights/suggestions about any or all of the above appreciated. Rick C.
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