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Default Re: Getting used to colder weather.

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
LOL, love the avatar, A_dam
Thanks, Dan. I've been away for a week and couldn't reply sooner.

That's one of my cats that I usually call "Dummy", but sometimes Lump, Nub, Stub.... It doesn't matter - its a cat and he knows who I'm talking to.

Dummy always sits like that when he's licking crotch. Hilarious looking (and flexibility that makes me jealous). When you walk in on him doing his thing, he stares at you with enormous eyes like he just got busted doing something wrong.

I'm dying to take a ride after 2 weeks. Got the bike in the basement and was just about to do a winter maintenance tear-down, but tomorrow (Jan 2) is "supposed" to be about 33 deg, sunny and no wind. If so, I'll have to take a quick spin.

In a couple months I am going to be Jonesin' so bad to get out that I'll be like Jack Nicholson in The Shining. Maybe I should hide my axe now.
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