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Allen, to run a decent Mig or Tig you will need 220v..home dryer line could be utilized if handy (usually isn't) amperage is what's required for heat and 110v doesn't cut it. Also a 110v welder pushes home wiring and fuses to the limit and that presents a fire hazzard. To weld with strength requires melting the base metal as well as the filler material wire, stick or Tig rod. Heat is required to form a molten puddle and a quality weld. Many novices attempt to "glue" metal together rather than forming a melded bond which when properly done results in a stronger joinment than the surrounding base metal. As for your lack of machine tools. It's amazing what one can build with nothing more than hand tools, but with the addition ofa 3/8" drill, 4" angle grinder, Sawz all, small bench grinder and a small bench mounted drill press, you can fabricate amazing bits and pieces that can be professionally welded ...or by youself when you purchase a machine. Imagination and sweat will create more than money and lethargy! Rick C.
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