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Citi-sporter did say to dream large so...

I would do all the research and design work necessary for a V-twin motor and transmission comparable or better than the china-kits in terms of ease of install.
The transmission would be engineered to compare to a "three on the tree" manual from an older american car. this transmission would have a handlebar clutch grip attached to a jockey shifter.
The kit would be designed to interface with a drive-shaft rear end. There would be a cog on the transmission and replacement crank, using these your pedals would drive the rear wheel through the transmission and be able to start the motor with the clutch disengaged.

The V-twin would be mounted longitudinally to mate with the transmission and submit it to maximum air current. it would be designed to be either 49cc or 70-80cc interchangeable with a set of pistons and sleeves. It might be a diesel, if I could make it work.

the motor would have non-integrated mounting hardware, this hardware would come with the kit. part of the design would be engine isolation. Another would be ease of using non-standard mounting hardware.

Ideally the finished product would be made entirely of off the shelf parts and simple to cast and machine components. Under the assumption that a given factory had all the gear required to begin manufacture already, it should cost roughly $60 to make one (in North America, in Asia it could be as low as $5)

I would Q&A test the kit until confident that I could put it into mass production, I might even submit it for approval by legal bodies.
I would then create an open patent on the design, and allow any manufacturer to make and sell their own.

If all went well, in a few years they would have snagged a large market segment, therefore generating pressure for the quality of standard 2-stroke kits to go up. In addition to that, someone 'donating' that amount of effort into something then flooding the market with it would be a positive thing for the market in general (just a horrible way to try to make money). such a stunt would generate positive attention for motorized bicycles, and micro-vehicles in general. win/win scenario.
They also would be super cool.
(in this scenario i am obviously so wealthy that i am cool with burning a pile of money like the joker , only less literally, and less maliciously)

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