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Default Re: MasterLink Chain Problems

Originally Posted by toytime View Post
Why don't you just forget about the link?
It really is easy to punch out the pin and even easier to push the pin back into place.
I use vice grips and put a small nut on the backside of the pin so that as I squeeze the pin out with the vice grips, it has a place to go. Thsi makes the pin flush on one side of the chain and stick out a little on the other side. I then use a thin sharp punch and punch the pin out the rest of the way. Do not take the pin right out, just enough to be able to unhook the link. I lay the chain on a block of wood as I punch it out. The vice grips work really well putting the chain/pin back together if you do it in stages until done.

Dammit man, learn sumpin new every day....Good idea...
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