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Default Re: Removing pedals off motorised bike and adding pull start

Not exactly, that end of the crank has threads cut on it, there's only a nut on the magnet side... Here's a pic of my other engine with the new nut on it, this nut is almost triple the width of the original and will not strip out or ruin the threads on the crank... The nut size you'll need if this is the one is M10x 1.0 if I remember right, but always best to take the nut (or the engine) with you if not sure, or if you have a thread gauge you can find out the right size that way.

Here's a pic of the engine stand I made for doing desktop or benchtop repairs, it balances well for display too, but C clamps to the edge of a table, bench, or desk if any torque is needed, it can also run this way with an aux tank or an iv stand or whatever and a pull start installed.
Just putting this here for inquiring minds... and to show a Real easy way to work your engine off the bike.

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