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Default Re: I think I'm gonna build a new bike.......

Progress has been a bit slow this week. My troubles started when I decided to check for spark. I had no reason to think it wouldn't. But it doesn't hurt to check, right?


I couldn't see any spark. The way my bike is hung up it's hard to get much oomph on that wheel. But I might as well go ahead and check those components out. I had suspicions about my multimeter from the start. I just didn't like what I was seeing.

The next day I bought a new battery for it and started again. I don't need to describe what happened. You can picture it. Long story short, checking and swapping two magnetos, three CDIs (2 new, 1 used) two spark plugs, two or three spark plug wires got me absolutely nowhere. Each component would show good readings at times and bad readings at other times. Intermittent seemingly open circuits, when I should have been reading xxx ohms or kilo ohms was most common. Also resistance readings that were suspiciously 'off spec'.

Spending all that time checking and re-checking yet still not being able to actually prove one darned thing is frustrating. Obviously it's near certain that all of my trouble is in my multimeter. But there's still that small possibility that there's a gremlin lurking in my bike.

So this evening I buttoned that electrical system back up. Tomorrow I'll return to things like mounting chain guard #2, securing cables, stuff like that. The bike'll be finished once I get those things done.

One other thing that's slowing up progress. And this is better stuff. I've had a sore foot for nearly three months now. This past week it's gotten clearly and obviously better. This means that I'm happier on my pedal bike than I had been. The need for a motor bike has grown less urgent.

This will give me a bit more leisure to make sure that everything is just right before taking it on the road.

Oh! And this bike handed me one surprise. I only just managed to solve this. It looks as though the seat tube is some non-standard size. It was a shock to find the my 25.4 mm seatposts wouldn't go in there. The few other sizes I have on hand, either. The calipers showed seatpost I.D. as 24.4 mm. I got one old straight seatpost to fit by taking it to the bench grinder and turning, rotisserie fashion, until I had ground off one millimeter. I also found a 7/8 " bent back seatpost online. Took long enough to arrive. I was getting worried. But that plus two 1 mm shims fits this seat tube well enough that I'm sure it'll work.
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