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Default Re: Removing pedals off motorised bike and adding pull start

The bolt is the end of the cranshaft that's threaded, then the magnet goes on and a nut holds it all down... What you'll want is a new nut that isn't so cheesy and thin that it can strip easily ruining the threads on the crank. I just got a wider M10 nut to replace the stock nut with since mine did strip after a few drill starts, there's not much to do to fix the damaged threads, but the wider nut grabs more of the threads that are intact than the stock nut, the stock nut only grabs 3 threads making it very vulnerable, but a regular width nut will have about 8 threads so it can still grab 5 threads if the crank did strip, which is still 2 more threads than stock. you may need to ditch any washers there and use blue locktite to get enough thread engagement if it did strip, but it'll still be better than stock.
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