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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by GoreWound View Post
did the throttle and the wiring, got tension on the chain.
my exhaust needs some bashing to get into place, gonna do that later.

thinking of starting a thread for the build, maybe tomorrow.

P.S. anyone else have the throttle not return all the way on its own? will that work its way out over time? should i just toss out the whole twist grip/ carb and replace with a better set (already considering a dellorto clone, unsure where a better twist grip assembly might come from though)
The most common problem here is the cable. all it takes is one busted strand in the cable to gum up the works, or a little corrosion. take off the cable and make real sure it's sliding smoothly. i always use a little lube of some kind. sometimes just 30wt oil. making sure the entire cable is lubed. it will also cut down on the corrosion factor. BUT, I always make my own throttle cables so I lube them before soldering on the slide end. you can still work some oil down it though. I also sometimes use a thinner cable in the larger cable housing, (less chance to "hang up") And of course make sure the cable is long enough to let the cable reach to the bottom of the slide stroke. THEN the obvious, check the idle screw, Turn it OUT to let down the slide.

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