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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

Yes. As bobbyT said, you must match your hub to the adapter. I'm not experienced with this since I've always found the rag joint to be adequate when installed properly. So I've never given more than a passing thought to a hub adapter. I'm going to guess that the adapters come in different sizes. If you happen to have some uncommon hub in a non-standard size, then maybe a hub adapter will be more trouble than it's worth. But it's more likely that you can have one that's a-okay. Just be sure to order the right size.

It sounds as though your frame has what are called 'vertical dropouts'. I believe this is the mark of a fairly high quality frame. The manufacturer was so confident of the frame's strength that they felt the could afford to not build in some adjustment room for frame/wheel alignment. They're confident that that frame will stay absolutely straight. One the other hand, I've had vertical dropout bikes that were not perfectly straight. One of them was brand new. The tire only barely cleared the chainstay. If there are other reasons that bike manufacturers build vertical dropout bikes over horizontal types, then I don't know what those reasons might be.

And, yes, you do want to fix the issue with your engine chain binding under that drive sprocket cover. It's pretty urgent, in fact. A good chain tensioner is the place to start since you won't be able to adjust chain tension using your axle.

Improper chain tension might well be the single biggest cause of trouble for the motorized bicycle newbie. And it can cause trouble for veterans too, of course. Except veterans have usually had enough trouble with that and they make darn sure that that chain is tight and that it's not going to move.
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