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Default Re: Dual Carbs?

So the reason to upgrade to more/bigger carbs is the requirement for more gas. If you haven't created that, then the only real advantage is, maybe, some top end (main jet). But to get that, you can't just put on 2 carbs, you got to rejet those carbs to jets just over 1/2 the volume of the current ones. 'Cause now theres 2.
You can put power to these motors:
the 1st thing to do is an expansion chamber/rejet. ex/chambers make 2 strokes Come Alive!
The 2nd thing to do would be to rebuild the crank/bottom end. Build it to spin faster and stay together!
The 3rd More Fuel/Compression! Piston, Mill heads/alter squish, Porting, More/Bigger Carbs and probably a new ex/chamber.
After all that you'll need to run anywheres from 92 oct unldd to 110 leaded depending on what you did to it.
You could Probably easilly double the HP of these chengines, Maybe 50% gain w/o much loss in longevity, but definitely at over twice the price.
Jim, I agree about the sillyness for the road, not to mention the bad press.
But I'm thinking it would be fun to have a class at Bonneville or velodrome racing or who knows? I'm building my 1st speed bike for experimental purposes, even unmodded velo racing would be a kick

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