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Default 50cc GY6 on a Bicycle??

Hey all, so I am planning on building a motorized bicycle and here in Florida I have to register the thing as a moped anyway so I was thinking, why not go with a 50cc GY6 from ebay and have a real truly clutch-less transmission and the ability to ride the thing completely without peddling if I wanted???

You can get a complete GY6 on ebay for $400 and that includes the engine (and CVT trans) the carb the CDI box and a coil.

I know there will be custom fab work involved but I have a welder and am a very skilled fabricator so that side wont be an issue.

Considering the GY6 is an engine and self contained CVT trans I am surprised more people have not used one in an motorized bicycle application......

Any way let me know what you guys think.
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