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Originally Posted by CalgarysFool View Post
Along the same line as doubling up, I wondered if there would be any advantage in modifying the head to take 2 spark plugs. Some bikes, like BMW, have dual spark plugs.

I thought it might, for example better ensure complete fuel burn.

Say, I know just the guy who could machine such a cylinder head . . . (Jim?)

Good question...I have no idea. I could definitely make a dual plug head. The only thing: firing the second plug.

I don't know if it would require a second CDI? And then the question would be, would the mag power two CDI's? For long trips the benefit of redundancy could prove useful. A 2nd plug, wire, and CDI...for "get home" insurance.

I don't think you could bridge to a single CDI. It would seem that the spark would take the path of least resistance, and only one plug would fire anyway?

Maybe this will prompt some thoughts from others...Anyone tried this on a stock cylinder head?

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