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Default Re: Birthday Dilemma

Sucking up, buying flowers, apologizing? Might just all tend to confirm that HE has done something wrong. Signal to his wife that she is RIGHT to be p!ssed with his ingratitude. OF course, believe me, I know why men approach their wives in this way. I was married to a tyrant for 10 years. Not that I'm suggesting ...

Anyway, I like really like one of the suggestions about "the boys..." With that one in mind, I might say something along the lines of:

"I am really tickled that you went out and got me such nice seat. Tickled until I rode it, that is.... I guess my peculiar anatomy is the reason such an ugly seat as the 'black matress' is the only one I've found to be comfortable so far...."

Or, you might adapt a Dr.Phil-ism: That bicycle seat you gave me? It's "not workin' " for me.

Good luck,

Calgary's "I hate Dr.Phil" Fool
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