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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

Here a picture of my project a Nexus 3 speed with shift kit currently in a reassembly stage. This bicycle is difficult but not impossible to work with.
I'd expected to get it completed without much effort that was a wish upon a falling star and wishing them all out of the night sky upon the first wish would follow. At that the three speed I'm attempting to build must be locked out of free wheeling to make it easy to push start this bicycle system. I've yet to remove the rear wheel and disassemble the brake hub it looks as if it can be modified the lock the motion by placement of a bolt through the housing of this hub. If so this hub can be shifted up or down and locked into gear as well change gear in less than an hour. I've needs to use the method and the hub currently and hope it works as well hope the hub is strong enough to endure the torque of the 66 cc. The weak link is likely the link I will attempt to lock out with a bolt installed in the correct location. If this the speed is likely to fail I think this is the first place with a setup like the one I've got. The engine/ shift kit mounting bracket must be altered to fit I will employ threaded stock
5''-6'' long to adjust the tension on the output side or left side facing front seated on the bike. The tension on the right will be adjusted by the threaded rod if there is space to install it. If not I'll likely have to cut a steel brace in place. I'm disappointed with the idea the conversion kit securing the bottom bracket is sliding although well fastened. This attempt is to make the system work without question and prove it's the better of all options. I might be one of the best but I've a lot of work to do. If anyone has attempted this type of system any advice I'd appreciate it.
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