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Default Re: Clutch modification ideas &help?

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Very cool, Sign!

Could tap and thread the shaft? Dunno. Would work and give you options of sizes ya could use.

Really like the idea of adjusting pressure down on the wheel, with a screw, if that is what ya are doing. Fine, fine tuning! LOL

All around, very cool!
No the screw does not control pressure the tire and down force from the bracket control the friction. It's essentially a lift clutch with the lift ability removed. I need 2 door pumps before I can convert it back to lift.

It may be running today I am going to see if buckys wants to give away a free spot weld today for the peg. If so I'm firing her up today.

Soon as I am sure that I can smash out with it I am going to see if a bunch of the guys on here want to go take over the HOV LANE IN MY AREA LOL
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