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Just amazes me how much you folks teach me. Odd lil tidbits here and there so my wee lil brain can keep em. Just cool and thanks.

I really enjoy these conversations and the information so freely given always comes in handy some where down the road. We live in great times. With internet and chatting in almost realtime over many miles. Would never have "met" with out these magic boxes.

Quick question. What is the advantage of a 4 or 3 jaw chuck? has a special on a 4 and would like to get it. Just wondering.

Found this;

"Benefits of a 3-jaw:
1. self-centering
2. can hold hex bar-stock
3. quick and easy to use.

Disadvantages of a 3-jaw:
1. can't hold square bar-stock
2. run-out/off-center can't be easily fixed
3. can't hold irregularly shaped work
4. can't turn off-center

Advantages of a 4-jaw:
1. work can be centered to high precision
2. can handle square/rectangular bar
3. can turn work off-center
4. slightly more grip on round stock

Disadvantages of a 4-jaw:
1. slower/fiddlier to mount work (dial-indicator required)
2. can't hold hex-stock"
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