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Originally Posted by Chainreaction View Post
Since most of the load is a pulling apart type it should be fine. If it had high side loads I might have went a little further. I like to sleep good at night so I try to do things in such a manner that I feel they won't fail. I have done things like taking out a load bearing wall on the ground floor of a two story house. Good eye you have though, most people wouldn't catch that or realize the potential danger.

How is Boise these days? I partied a number of times there years ago. I grew up outside of Grangeville ID down on a river called the Clearwater.

In a word, wet I've been through Grangeville, we didn't stop though, on our way somewhere else, I think we fished some in the Clearwater on our way to some lake, can't remember what lake it was, too long ago.

Yeah, about the frame. I went on a short tour with a friend that ran a USAC Midget. it was part of my job for them paying my way to inspect the welds for cracks and use pliers to try and crush the aluminum plumbing fittings in the fuel system. Pure methanol eats aluminum like crazy and after a while turns into crumbly powdery garbage and you need to catch it before it breaks at 100 MPH... I found 2 small cracks after a unplanned exit into a rough infield. They weren't broken apart but we ground "V"'s in the crack and TIG them back good as new and kept on the tour. It was a madhouse torture tour, we raced 11 times in 3 weeks. Made money, won one Tony is a killer driver
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