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Originally Posted by Chainreaction View Post
Are you talking about the welds part way down the front tube? Not to worry, one place was only partially cut and the other I slipped a piece of tube inside to weld to.
"...slipped a tube inside..." That's a spud. Usually you want to drill some good sized holes in the outside tube then weld the inside tube to the outside. The spud then has like a "lug" that sticks out and keys the two parts together.

I was building a race car roll cage for one of my cars. Somehow even though I measured twice ended up being 4" short of meeting the floor at the right angle. I drilled 6 holes in both of the parts to be joined and hammered a turned machined spud in. I wanted it as tight as I could make it. When it went through tech I told them what I'd done, they inspected it closely and passed it. Backing broken tubing is common and as long as it's done right they will pass it. They could see the weld "rivet" heads, I didn't grind them down and try to hide, that for sure makes a weld weaker and makes a tech inspector really upset. They figure you're trying to hide something when you don't need to

But still, you check that after every ride like clockwork. It only takes seconds and it could save you major roadrash
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