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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Well had tough discussion today after attempting to start the Nexus 3 speed with the shift kit setup I decided to disassemble it to remove the bearing that locks the action on the bottom bracket. I need to peddle start this with that bearing if I change it's direction I can push start or coast it down hill to start it. That's easy finding or ordering one may not be. The aluminum kit that secures the bottom brackets was moving it's light gauge without much hardware to hold it together with the added load of the system and my standing up on each peddle at 200 lbs. It's not staying tight in the housing.
Well that's about all I torn down the bike back to the frame and although disappointed it's not much good the way it's setup if I'm in luck I'll find a way to reverse the locking bearing or purchase one that will fit the kit. I'll get the use of the coaster brake but I'd intended to mount a roller on it later anyway the side pull was temporary. Well looks like this kit might be as well may have to drop the kit and use the single speed sprocket setup on this for a while wait see.

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