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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

Oh! Okay.

Maybe I'm forgetting that some of this stuff is not all that obvious to folks who are unfamiliar.

That little bracket I made and mounted is an axle/chain adjuster and tensioner. It helps to keep that axle exactly where you want it in those dropouts.

One of the classic headaches with these bikes is the axles slipping a bit forward in the dropouts. And it can be a real pain. Your chain will pop off. Repeatedly, often enough. (My blood boils just thinking about it)

This axle movement often happens even when you're merely tightening it down. You've got your arm wrapped around the back end. You're holding the wheel exactly where you want it. You tighten the axle nut. And you feel that stupid thing move. You curse. You loosen the axle nut. And then you repeat the process. Several times over. Then there comes a time when you get that thing to stay almost where you wanted it. And you accept that, hoping it'll be good enough. And then a few days later you repeat the whole process.

With that bracket on there, you simply adjust chain tension using that 1/4 20 bolt that holds the two halves together and you tighten the axle nut. And your axle ain't goin' nowhere.
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