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Originally Posted by Flyman View Post
Well I do not advocate using a drill press for milling.I think my post was taken
from context in that regard.I was implying that mills are used for much more
than just milling.When I said a drill press can be used as a mill I was talking
counter boring & such.

A good drill press with taper collets can be used with a boring head to bore
holes also.But drill chucks are just that, there made for drilling.So that's where I was going with this.

It would have to be a real good drill press to have collets, like a Shipley. Then you could for sure use your drill press to mill but it seems like only the best old school machinist still have one and most have a K&T Horizontal Mill to go with a Bridgeport Vertical Mill so they are not needed for such use, a good thing. I'd hate to have to replace the bearings in a Shiply...

I do hope you guys have checked out the machinists I put up links for, especially Keith Fenners' and Adam Booth's videos. Keith is like having a machine instructor giving private lessons and Adam has a part he will have to do a weld build-up then turn the part back to size. What makes this different than any other weld build-up is it's done on the lathe with the part spinning....
He has a oxy/ acyt setup that introduces powdered metal into the flame making it like a plasma metal sprayer. I've seen him rebuild some badly grooved shafts with this device. He's the only guy on youtube that can do this. It's an amazing thing to watch.
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