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Default Re: Where can I get a new sprocket?

HI Guys,

As far as far as a "comfortable cruise" at 30 MPH I don't know if there is any 1 sprocket size that is the "best" (the curse of only having 1 gear to work with....the better your top end the worse you will be on the low end)....Anyways, I run a 36T (max speed about
34.4 MPH RPM limited....I didn't want to wind out higher for rear of blowing the engine...Climbs steep hills fine (I live in VA) with a tuned pipe or will bog somewhat with a stock muffler (you could always pedal assist a little) and it is still a little buzzy for me so if you want a sustained 30MPH I would recommend a steeper (smaller) sprocket....maybe a 32 or possibly less...FWIW I weigh about 160, Bike is a trek 7000, engine is a Dax 70. As far as clutch let out speed, the less slipping you do the longer the clutch will last....I am typically 7 MPH or so when I let it out.

BikeguyJoe - Sorry If I misplaced or misfiled you previous price quote request...Please keep me in mind in the future. Thanks!

Hope this helps.
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