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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by GoreWound View Post
I put my sprocket adapter on the bike today, took a pic but I'm gonna save it for when I start a thread.

Semaj, the lens and pod you are using look really nice, should be super visible once it's set up. also your work bench has me as greener than WheelBenders bike with envy!

Wheelbender6, the spring on that shock is basically what i am looking for, but slipped over the seat post, attaching it at both ends will be the hard part. once the bike is moving again I plan on rolling around some junkyards for something to use (I don't wanna buy a new shock just to rip it apart) my hope is that the El-Cheapo method will work just well enough to offset it's near zero cost.
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