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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

Ok... that's more clear...
Now if you still want an analog speedometer for your bike, they do make electronic speedometers for motorcycles and mopeds that run off a wheel sensor or magnet and pickup that eliminate the need for the twist cable and the gauge itself has an analog needle instead of the digital readout.
i'll se if I can post a link since I've seen these on ebay before.
When my speedo went out on my '84 KZ 700 I didn't want to use an aftermarket gauge, but a bicycle speedo was easy to install and remove, I just stuck a rare earth magnet on the brake rotor and it stayed put, even at 120+ mph (whatever the bike's top speed was) and the actual speedometer could easily be removed when I needed to show off the bike and put back on when I went out for a ride. I really don't like digital, but it was cheap and easy, there are analog ones available now, but take some searching on ebay and other places.

There's another alternative, but probably too expensive, some of the bigger name car gauge companies are making GPS speedometers that are surprisingly accurate with analog readout, they take speed samples 10 times a second so the readout response is just as good as mechanical or electronic, but only one wire is needed to power it. The drawback... they cost over $300 still.

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