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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

I don't currently recommend a cable driven speedometer/odometer, At least on my e-bike it made a lot of extra noise I was not accommodated to and to boot it read twice as fast as my cycleanalyst digital speedo would read. I'm pretty sure its for a 26 inch wheel , But what with having a springer front fork It was a bit wonky to install. Then when I hit the railroad a bit hard I think something got knocked a bit outta whack as the needle started jumping up and down for the rest of the ride. Overall I must say Im quite dissapointed.
not super technical or probably useful info as who the heck wants to use a cable driven speedo?! Oh yeah, I did because I was going by the rule of cool. why isint there a wireless Analog speedometer for my ye olde style bike?
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