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Default Re: NEWBIE on a mission

Good to hear your luck, got a project completed myself with giant exception to all I've heard so far from posts related to this 66 cc. I've got it link well enough to turn the peddles move chains and get the new engine turned over a few times. But when I stand on the bike the frame flexes enough to throw the chains off the sprockets and although it's an old frame it is a steel bike of the 1930's everything is new it may take a few days to start if not longer. I'm 210 at the scales the kit is roughly 60 pounds. I've got light 1/8'' x 1/2'' chains on it that will stay on as long as I stay off . No joking the engine is new and getting it to turn over takes all my weight and it actually twists the bicycle frame I can feel that through the handle bars which I find scarcely believable.
here's a picture of it for reference. Got a temporary side pull on it but it looks like I may need a worn out engine not a decent set brakes ..Yeah linked to 66 cc a Nexus 3 speed linked through a Sick Bike shift kit with a few meager enhancements ..Well returning to this comment the conversion kit that installs to secure a new bottom bracket is moving as I'd not known precisely what was wrong earlier. Tough luck I need to change the direction of the bearing in the assembly so the bike can be push started not peddle started which at this point is the only way it can be with the Nexus 3 speed brake hub. Well back at the edit in reviewing this as I'd nearly forgot to recall how boring it is to put up with this nonsense no less I'll continue until I can get this bike working could be much less impressive than I'd expected ..
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