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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

I've been cobbling together a light system Taken mostly from cannibalized flashlights to keep me safe at night, so far very basic and sadly all my lights have their own switches still
The other night I went to toggle the switch I've got poking out of the Tail light and discovered one of the solder connections had broken. Oh well I though Ill fix it tomorrow. Next day rolls around and Its just not there anymore :O
Guess I gave it too good a bounce on the way back.
Now half an hour before I need to leave for work I'm finally getting around to soldering a Toggle switch Bamboozled off of some other electronic board.

I need to give myself a kick in the rear and actually wire all this stuff up to the handlebar switch I picked up for that very reason But I'm still missing a bunch of parts for what I want to wire up and I want to knock it out in one go.

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