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Default best 4 stroke kit and best place to get it plus beefing up a bike

I still haven't 100% decided what I want yet (between a GEBE and a in frame 4 stroke) but if I do go with the in frame 4 stroke kit, which one should I look for and who should I buy it from? I'm not afraid to spend a few extra coin for a better kit. The "ghost racer" kits are cheaper but are they any good? I heard of some bad stories about a bearing or something. ANY advice would be helpful.

Also I was kicking around the idea of a shift kit. I weigh 230 lbs and I think I can benifit from the variety of different gears. With added speed comes added stress on the bike so what precautions should I take? Sronger axle? Heavy duty wheels? Wider tires? I would run this kit on a Chicago Schwinn middleweight frame - a 69 typhoon to be exact.
I will be riding in an urban area 99% of the time.

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