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Talking Re: 100:1 Mix

Originally Posted by apex View Post
But Fly didn't say what tthe carb was set for before he decided to change his mind and run a 50:1.

As I first read it, I thought it was setup for a 100:1 mix but he went 50:1
But he said it was setup for a 20:1 oil mix but he went with a 50:1 mix

Dispite the fact that he got all salty about anybody questioning his opinion, it really is too bad he lost a quality engine.

The simple fact is that opti2 oil works at these ratios that use to be considered crazy. That has been established time & time again.
I agree, I dont understand why some wish to argue points that have been proven to be legit by many people over a good long period of time.

I remember reading that some rental businesses have been running Opti2 atr the 100:1 mix in all their 2 smoker machine for as much as 10 years without a single oil related failure.

How can one argue with those facts and say its a bad idea and doesn't work...?

Beats the heck outta me, hey.. we can believe what we want and run what we want and let the chips fall as they may, truly there is no harm and no foul in any of this as far as I'm concerned and its for sure nothing worth getting stroked out about.

If it works do it, if you trust it use it, if you dont then by all means DONT... its really that simple I think.

Peace, Map

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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