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Default Re: Hello from Oklahoma

Originally Posted by Ironhorse5.1 View Post
Hello. I am from the OKC metro area. Recently finding myself having to use a bicycle as my mode of transportation, I got interested in adding a motor. I was initially looking at the Chinese chain drive ones. I decided instead to go with a Staton-Inc friction drive set up with a Tanaka 40cc engine. It was very easy to install and have only about 75 miles on it so far with Zero tire wear (still has the casting flash). I am impressed with the quality of the kit. I'd like to get a muffler to quiet the exhaust a bit. Yes I know, I chose the 2-stroke engine but I was afraid the Honda 4-stroke offered wouldn't be powerful enough. There is a .6 to .9 hp difference between the two depending on whose specs you read. I'm glad I opted for the more powerful engine because of the windy days we have here sometimes.
I always thought a Lawnboy 2-stroke would be a nice powerhead. Rope starting, good controllable carburator, indestructible, easy starting. About 6 HP. It could be mounted on a rear rack and rigged to swing into contact with the wheel with a trampoline spring or likesuch.
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