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Default Re: I think I'm gonna build a new bike.......

Originally Posted by djpass7 View Post
Great job. That bike is going to look sweet. That motor fits perfectly in there. I love all the carrying capacity, you can really load that bike down.
Thank you, djpass7. I'm a definite believer in cargo capacity. Without that, my bike just isn't practical transportation. I've been using this 'system' on my current bike. So I think I've got all the bugs worked out. It works quite well.
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Originally Posted by Ludwig II View Post
Gout - avoid meat and protein generally for a week or two, and you might want to see a doctor about a diuretic or something to improve the filtering function of the kidleys. It's crystals of uric acid building up in your joints (usually feet, but I had it in a little finger of all places).

And yes, it ain't nice, is it?
No, it's not nice. And my case doesn't seem to be as bad as the photos I've seen. Some of those 'symptom' pics are ugly.

I can still do most anything that I need to. But my walking pace is definitely slow. My job is not particularly strenuous. But it involves a lot of walking. And it aggravates the feet. It's only in one foot. But the other is taking a beating by taking so much of the load for a couple of months now.

I'm not too worried about it. But if it stays with me, in a chronic sense, then I could have troubles.
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